Tuesday, December 31, 2013

He Gives The Best Hugs

Morning Friends.

How was your Christmas?
Filled with all good things?
Maybe some rough too.
Did you know our Lord leads, guides and sends us big ole warm hugs?
He hears our fears and tears.
He truly does.
This dear lil Annie was waiting for me right inside
 a thrift store on a very hard day.
I went for a ride feeling very alone.
And there she was.
Arms open wide just like HIS.
Waiting for us to come to Him.
He will carry it all for us.
(and use old annie dolls to give us hugs)
He holds us tight on our darkest hardest days.
He fills in our hurts and scars with His love.

Father when it feels as if our world is falling down.
We lay our burdens and pain at your feet.
And thank you that you never forsake us.
In Jesus name we pray.

We thank you for a brand New Year to grow and choose your Love & Joy.

His Banner over me is LOVE!

Woolie New Year Blessings to you..

Hey LISA girlfriend!! 
The Moonlit Stitch
You are my big snow love winner...

Thank you Friends for joining in my Christmas Fun.
You helped put a smile on my face and Christmas Joy in my heart.
I am over the moon blessed with your Friendship.
So many times I think I should stop blogging and then I think of my friends.
I love you all.


bettyj said...

Glad you found your lovin Annie. I just did my last 2013 blog and realized 2013 was a good year after all. We gotta look for the good my friend. Always, because that is the way He wants to be.

Prims By The Water said...

Wonderful find Trace! I always trust in God as he gives us what we need including hugs. Congrats to a fellow Michigander Lisa on her win and wishing you a Happy NewYear!!! Janice

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a sweet little raggedy girl to give you smiles! Hope you have some happy feelings and good times in the year ahead! Congrats to Lisa! I know she is thrilled! Warm hugs!

Earlene said...

Congrats Lisa!!!!!
Happy New Year Trace 2014

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Stop blogging? Silly girl. It's opened so many doors and brought so many people into your life. This from the chica who hasn't posted for a month. LOL. Love ya, girlfriend. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the arrival of new critters in 2014!

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Stop blogging? Silly girl. It's opened so many doors and brought so many people into your life. This from the chica who hasn't posted for a month. LOL. Love ya, girlfriend. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the arrival of new critters in 2014!

Vickie said...

God bless you Trace. He has blessed me through knowing you.♥

Jennifer Gail said...

Happy New Year
I sometimes think about quiting too but then I remember all my blogie friends.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

No quitting for you Girlfriend ~ we all need those woolie hugs!!!

Nothings better than a big olde hug!!!
Big {{HUGS}} to You!

Hope your New Year is a Happy One!


Lisa said...

I would miss you terribly if you quit blogging! Please continue!
Have a Happy New Year!
Many Blessings,

Debbie Johnson said...

Your blogs are always uplifting. Full of love, JOY, family and His Word. And they are real, touching on coping with heartache and lifes bumps. You help me to remember to always look up. To enJOY life's simple joys. I would be so sad if your blog wasn't here anymore but with that said I would understand too. I'm sure it is a chore at times...another thing "to do". I'm sure there are times when you don't feel like talking. But if there comes a time you need a little break I know WE will wait for you. Love you very much.
Wishing you a very JOYous New Year!

jennifer768 said...

Nope you can't quit! Sorry, but we need you.I am glad that you found your sweet Annie! Amazing isn't it that whenever we need it the most,we feel His hugs. Congrats to Lisa! May 2014 bring only the best to you and yours! Blessings,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

I need your Woolie hugs Girlfriend, please keep blogging......Love your sweet find Trace, she is so sweet.......Wishing you and yours a Happy Heathy New Year, Hugs Sweet Potato.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh how I love those Annie dolls! Sending you a hug and a wish for a great new year. Happy New Year!

Raggedy Creations said...

Happy New Year friend.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Congratulations to Lisa!
Happy New Year Trace!
Sending a (((Big Hug))) your way!

Phyllis said...

Well, Trace', I took a long drive one day as well. Just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and I think it helped to just be still and listen. I just need to do that more often. It's been a little rough, but made it through. Thanks for your encouraging words as always.
Love and Hugs, Phyllis

annie said...

Hugs, and Happy New Year!

peggy said...

It's okay to take a break now and then but always come back to us. Happy New Year and a sincere thank-you for all your sweet posts.

jody said...

Happy New Year Trace, the only reason i get through each day is knowing he is there for me and will be tomorrow too! enjoy your day my friend!

Fran. said...

Oh Yay a Michigan gal won! Lisa is the sweetest!! That Annie was surely waitin to hug you ad so sweet with that RED hair!!! I have been thinkin ahead for 2014 and I somehow get excited!! Thankful for a do over!! Happy New Year friend!! XOXO Love Ya Fran.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Holy Macaroni, I won? Oh what a great start to 2014 Trace! Loving your big Annie - she was waiting just for you. Much love and peace and {{HUGS}} You are loved! ~*~Lisa

Simply Victoria said...

I feel His hugs in your blog writing. I have been away from reading for a bit and so needed to read this today. Thanks for your uplifting posts and friendship!

Maggee said...

I think that blogs can be a blessing to others, and YOUR certainly is! Just when YOU need uplifting, reach out to those of us that faithfully follow for prayers and blessings! We can reciprocate! Hugs!